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Traffic Tickets

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contact with the legal system or law enforcement is through the issuance of a traffic ticket. No matter how carefully you drive, the odds are that one day you will receive a traffic citation. 
The stress, and inconvenience that can be produced by a blue light in your rearview mirror is staggering. The good news is that whatever your ticket is for, I've likely seen worse.

A simple traffic ticket may cost you far more than court costs and fines. For example, if you pay a ticket for speeding 76mph in a 55mph zone in North Carolina, as an insured North Carolina driver, your insurance rates can increase by as much as 90% for the next three years. That type of financial impact is prohibitive. Also, you may lose your privilege to drive for thirty (30) days, for a conviction of speeding 75mph in a 55mph zone.

Traffic Tickets
Our mission is to provide you with competent legal assistance for traffic ticket violations in the North Carolina Piedmont Triad Area, including helping you to understand:

  • How traffic tickets affect your driving privileges;

  • How traffic tickets affect your auto insurance rates.

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