My goal is to help you understand both the charges against you and possible defenses. Every DWI is different. Together, you and I can develop a strategy based on your individual case. 

Please note:  The choice of an attorney may well be the most important decision you make concerning you charge.

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Driving While Impaired

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If you are cited for a DWI You may feel powerless...You're not! Take control! Know your rights! It may seem like the prosecution holds all the cards. They don't! I can help you even the odds.​

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Driving While Impaired
Driving while impaired in the state of North Carolina is a very serious offense. Did you know?: 

(1) Driving while impaired (DWI) carries serious penalties in North Carolina. If convicted of Driving While Impaired, you may have to serve time in jail and lose your privilege to drive in North Carolina for at least one year?

(2) Your automobile insurance may increase by as much as 450%